Disc and Music Echo - Cover article January 1, 1972
The Cosmic Bopper's New Year wishes...
Up Down
"I'd like to see much more youth-based music in
TV and films, for instance, a TV show featuring
Elton John, Cat Stevens, Steve Cropper and T. Rex.
Have each individual artist play and speak
about what they feel is their best work, and have
an organised blow together to close the programme.
I'd also like to see everything within the rock
industry that was plausibly possible made cheaper
particularly albums and singles.
I'd like to wish all the space travellers and dog dudes a sacred New Year
and better yet don't forget
to keep your noses clean.

Shadowhead loves the New Year in
and justly know that you are in my led leaner.

Sam's the Man and he's coming running in automatic shoes.
do a good one all down the sky and in your main man's eye.
right on.
don't bend your gong." - MARC BOLAN, 1972

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