Disc and Music Echo - Inside article January 1, 1972
Marc Meets The Press
Written by: Lisa Mehlman Up Down
     MARC BOLAN came into town last week to relax a bit, he said, and also to talk to some of the press about his music and why he and T. Rex are such a phenomenon abroad (at home to you!).
     Warner Brothers set up a lovely little champagne press reception for him in the afternoon, at which they planned to show some videotapes and films of T. Rex's performances; I believe it was the same footage as was on "Top Of The Pops" that week in Britain.
     Despite a bit of trouble with the sound on the film and the videotape equipment (no one realised beforehand that the British and American videotape standards were different and the tape made in England couldn't be shown on the American deck!) it was a pleasure to meet Marc.
     I found him to be adorable, charming, affectionate, and an incredibly shrewd businessman.  As we sat talking manager Tony Secunda slipped me a packet of British press on the group with a few photos just so I would be able to know exactly who they were.
     Since I had been a fan for some time, that wasn't necessary, but good business anyway in a country where T. Rex is not exactly at the top of the charts... yet.  I asked Marc about this, and he replied: "Well, obviously, the key is that we haven't performed here that much.  When it was important for us to, we were to busy all over Europe.  Many times groups have made it in America way after they were popular in England.  Look at The Who, for example.  They made it four years after they were big in England... the Beatles had four flop singles before they hit it in the States, and so forth.
     "We're a rarity in that we don't have to depend on America to make it financially," continued Marc.  "And that's great, I'm really glad about it because it means that I can come here and talk to people about our music and what we're trying to do."
     I asked Marc about all that "new Beatles" stuff... how did he feel about it?  "Well," he smiled, "we're having a great time really, it's interesting to watch.  From my point of view we seem to have reached a nice sort of communication with millions of people, without compromising my music.  That turns me on the most."
     There had been a rumour floating around New York that T. Rex were supposed to have performed with the Doors on their recent tour here, but that Marc cancelled because he felt that his group should have been the headliners.  "That's just completely untrue," he told me.  "I'm not being diplomatic, it's just that we were asked to do about four or five tours - including the one with Alice Cooper - and we didn't have the time to do any.  I don't consider us a headline act here anyway, so that wouldn't have been the reason."
     It will be interesting to see what happens when T. Rex does get here.  Accompanied by their European reputation, and a great many more fans than their last time around, they should be quite a change from their Fillmore East appearance last year when few people knew who T. Rex were!
     After an exhausting afternoon of meeting the press (including Rock Encyclopedia" author Lillian Roxon who was thrilled to see Marc's glitter; she predicted last year that all the rock stars would soon be adorned with glitter and sequins...), Marc went down to the Gaslight to see Detroit featuring Mitch Ryder and some good old rock and roll...

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