Disc and Music Echo - Cover article November 28, 1970
T.Rex to become trio after 'electric album'
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T.Rex, whose single "Ride A White Swan" is number 11 in the chart this week, have their next album released next Friday (December 4).  Called simply "T.Rex," it's the first time they've gone all-electric, and features a string quartet on one track, and two Mothers Of Invention on chorus on another.  Tracks are: One Inch Rock (an old number, but new electric version); The Wizard (a song released by Marc when he was solo in 1965, now a ten minute version); Children of Rarn parts one and two; Diamond Meadows (featuring a string quartet); Seagull Woman (featuring Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan on chorus); Jewel; The Visit; Childe; The Time of Love Is Now;  Root Of Star; Beltane Walk; Is It Love; Summer Deep; Suneyex [sp].

"Children Of Rarn," which is a long fable written by Marc, will probably be broadcast on "Sound Of The Seventies" in early January.

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