Updated August 18, 2006

Gordon Abbott
Essex, England

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Johnny Aitken
Nickname: Groover
Yorkshire, England

I'm a musician from England who's been a fan for 29 years since 1970.
I'm also the composer of the song "Marc", and a demo can be downloaded for free from the web site.
My Songs - Go here to download my music.

Pierre Champion
Nantes, France

Fan since 1973. Member of the "Spaceball Boots" project.
Donna La Folle - T.Rex in France!
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Karen Clark
London, England U.K.

Cosmic warrior
Kent, England U.K.

I am a Marc Bolan & T-Rex Fan. Aa young boy in the early 1970's, I always loved to hear Marc Bolan & T-Rex on the radio. As they were always in the charts then, I looked forward to hearing them, so, maby i was a fan then, but I did't know it...
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Rick Dalvano
Nickname: Rickster
Massapequa Park, New York USA

The List manager of "Till Dawn", a Marc Bolan mailing list, since 1997. I have been happy in my own small way to bring together Bolan people from all over the globe.
I'm also member of the Spaceball Boots project.
Till Dawn Website
The Tomb - Marc Bolan Resource Centre
VideoDRAMA's Bolan Lyrics
"Messing with the Mystic"

Nickname: Crimsonmoon
Peterborough, England

Hi I have been a Marc fan ever since i was ten years old . I first heard his music when i was living in Germany and have been hooked ever since! If I see anything to do with T.Rex anywhere I have to buy it!! My work mates and I go and see Trextasy every time they play here in concert and make sure we are in the front row . Danielz is so much like Marc its uncanny. So I am up for a chat with any one.

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