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June Child (Bolan)

Was working at Blackhill Enterprises, Pink Floyd's own management company, as a secretary when she first met Marc Bolan who was on the lookout for new management.

Tony Visconti

Produced Bolan's records 1968-1974

Steve Peregrin Took
Percussion in Tyrannosaurus Rex 1968 - 1969

Played bongos, African drums, kazoo, pixiephone, and Chinese gong
Steve Peregrin Took's Domain

Mickey Finn
Percussion for Tyrannosaurus Rex/T.Rex 1969 - 1975

Steve Currie
Bass guitar for T.Rex 1970 - 1976

Bill Legend
Drums for T.Rex 1970-1974

Sister Pat Hall
Background vocals for T.Rex 1973

Stephanie Spruill
Background vocals for T.Rex 1973 tour

Along with Gloria Jones, she provided vocals for Big Carrot which produced one single "Blackjack"/"Squint Eye Mangle" on EMI in 1973 written and produced by Marc Bolan.

She has since gone on to be a session vocalist and percussionist on many albums and film soundtracks. She has recorded with Elton John, David Bowie, Tom Petty, and Little Feat.

Gloria Jones
Background vocals and clavinet for T.Rex 1973 - 1976

Jack Green
Second guitar on 1973 T.Rex tour
Featured on Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow LP

Davey Lutton
Drums for T.Rex 1974 - 1976

Tyrone Scott
Second keyboardist and backing vocals for T.Rex on the Futuristic Dragon tour 1976

Along with Gloria Jones, he also appeared in the 1967 cast of the L.A. production of "Hair".

Dino Dines
Keyboardist for T.Rex 1973 - 1977

Herbie Flowers
Bass guitar for T.Rex 1977

Appeared on the Dandy In The Underworld LP and tour

Herbie Flowers has had an enviable career in the music business.   He was a pop star in the early seventies, playing with the likes of David Bowie and Marc Bolan.   At one time his name was virtually synonymous with the expression 'session musician' - if you wanted a bass player you booked Herbie.   As a result he has appeared on literally thousands of hit recordings by artists as diverse as McCartney, Mancini, Sinatra and the Scaffold.   He is, perhaps, best known for his portamento bass-line on Lou Reed's Walk on the Wild Side and for being one of the founder members of Sky (along with John Williams).   He has also played tuba with many of the world's leading symphony orchestras.

Most recently Herbie has appeared with Jools Holland, Clannad and McCartney and is finding a new element to his career as a raconteur, appearing with Mike Hatchard.   Their recent appearance at the Purcell Room with Selena Jones was a sell-out success.


Miller Anderson
Guitar for T.Rex 1976 - 1977

Check out this wonderful Miller Anderson site

Tony Newman
Drums for T.Rex 1977

Rolan Bolan
Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones' son.   Check out Rolan's site

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